Friday, March 3, 2017

To hump or not.

Oh My Humping Wether......
Why does my wether keep humping other goats and sometimes my dog?  A very common situation and question I frequently get asked. No one seems to know exactly why but I have been around goats for several decades and can offer a few suggestions.
Currently, we have a wether named Charlie. Charlie is a good goat and has a favorite hobby, humping our sweet doe, Meg. He is merely showing and proving his dominance over her. I have also noticed his “hobby” is accelerated when people are approaching him. It’s kind of his way of saying hello, by humping Meg.
The humping may increase when Meg is in heat. Most does come into heat every 21 days. Even though Charlie is unable to successfully breed, he still has a natural tendency to try his best and he can certainly still detect “does in heat”. Some say that when your doe is mounted, it’s a sure sign she is in heat. I do not believe that, Charlie humps Meg everyday of the month.
         At times it can really become bothersome to Meg with all of this specially attention but overall it's natural for goats to do and no real damage caused. Charlie is young and I know he will grow out of it but I am not too sure if Meg has the same positive outlook.


  1. Such relationships are natural to the both parties. This motivates a favorable atmosphere among other individuals. I think Charlie’s mood is the most positive.

  2. Charlie is a great fellow. But you can really understand him. After all, he is young and full of energy. It is very natural for him. But do not let him to the dog.