Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to Keep Your Goat Water Algae Free

Keeping algae at bay in a water trough is often a real chore, especially if it is located in the full sun. I have introduced gold fish into all of my outdoor water troughs and am pleased to say that it has been an absolute success. The fish are not some sort of an exotic species, they are the very inexpensive "feeder gold fish" that can be purchased at almost any pet store. I am very proud of the fish featured in the photo, they are going on 4 years old and that is old for Alaskan gold fish. Yes, I do keep the trough heated during the cold winter months here in Palmer, Alaska. By the way, I have never fed the gold fish. They thrive on bits and pieces of feed left by the goats as they drink, and of course, from the algae. Hope you'll give this, it's efficient and fun!

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  1. This is exactly the solution I have been needing!! Thank you so much for sharing. I assume you have to aerate the tank? Any other tips for someone clueless about carcaring for fish?

  2. I'm hoping someone will see this. I have feeder fish in my trough but their poop is gross! It floats to the top! When I get a net to try to get it all it just stirs up the trough and the poop is even more gross. Any suggestions?

  3. Such an effective way to combat the algae really brings the good results. The goats drink clean water throughout the year, which is a success.

  4. Definitely did not expect that it is possible to grow algae in such conditions. Thanks for the advice.

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