Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pasture for Goats

Using pasture as a nutrient source for goats makes good sense and tends to save money on your feed bill. Here in Palmer, Alaska we pay as much as $50 for a bale of hay.

A mature pasture, that has about 3-4 inches of growth is preferred but only meets the nutritional requirements of dry and early pregnant does. Does in early lactation, and young goats will have to have their feed ration supplemented. 

Fencing for goat pastures is essential in keeping the plants healthy. The photo on the right shows a mobile grazer I built for controlled grazing. As the goats run out of pasture inside the enclosed area, they simply push the pen to "greener grass".

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  1. I really like this idea with goats moving their pen. We have four cattle panels that we drag, but it is hard to drag and keep together. How expensive is the one you made? I can't tell in the picture how it is constructed. I have to be able to move things myself.

  2. The pasture of this type is characterized by good conditions, which allows the goats to get maximum nutrients. It is very useful for them to be here.

  3. The pasture is small, but this is enough to keep so many goats. Fresh grass is needed in the diet.

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