Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to Build an Electric Fence Tester

Build Your Own Electric Fence Tester

Electric fence testing has always been a challenge for me. The expensive meters work great but they are too expensive for me and I always misplace it and can never find one when I need it. The cheaper testers are cheap and I can never get them to work. By the way, the cheaper testers I can always find in my shop. I'm tired of being shocked when trying to test a fence. When I install new fencing or add on to existing, I just want to know if it works. I went to work in my shop, using stuff I had on hand and built a tester using some wire, a spark plug, an alligator clip, some PVC pipe, fittings and tape. It works every single time! You can get fully illustrated, step-by-step plans to build this by visiting the Henry Milker site. 

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