Friday, June 26, 2015

What's So Good About Goat Milk?

Fresh milk after using his Henry Milker!
Not trying to tell you to switch to goat milk, just saying...

Store Bought Goat Milk
First let me say, if you have only tasted goat milk from the store, you have not lived! Goat milk bought in a store has a very goaty taste that I do not even like. It has been processed differently than fresh, raw goat milk. Most often goat milk from the store has been pasteurized (it is not even necessary).  When pasteurized, the freshness of the milk is always compromised. The fresh taste is also diminished because of the time it takes to process, handle, package, and deliver the milk to the store.

Better For You
About 70% of the milk consumed by humans worldwide is supplied by goats. That is mainly because goats are easier to keep than cows and also because it is better for you. Some reasons why goat milk is better:
  • triggers fewer milk allergies
  • acceptable to many people with lactose intolerance
  • more nutritious
  • produced more naturally
  • great tasting
  • available raw (especially if you have your own goat)
  • supplies more vitamins and minerals than cow milk.
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  1. I have to agree on all counts! I have had dozens of people tell me that my goats milk tasted wonderful and they thought it all tasted bad! Most of them had either had commercial goats milk or some from a farm that kept the buck with all the other goats (yuck)! Thanks for a great site, great info. and great products! :)