Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Don't Dump Your Livestock Tank Heater

How to Clean You Tank Heater
To keep all of my goats, horses, rabbits and chickens happy here in Palmer, Alaska, I keep 6 livestock water tanks heated during our long winters. I used to just trash my old tank heaters when they started to look crusty and began to loose heating power. Now I recondition them.

1. Mineral deposits that build on the heating elements are alkaline in nature and need a good soaking in a solution that is acidic. Vinegar, lemon or lime juice are all mild acids and can be used.

2. After removing the wire mount from the heating unit, place it in a container with the vinegar, and lemon/lime solution. Do not use water. This should soak for 12 hours or more.

3. Good as new!

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