Friday, June 7, 2013

How To Make Your Goat Friendly

From Spooky to Friendly

The best way to make your goat friendly is to buy a friendly goat in the first place. Most people don’t care if their goat is friendly or not, they just want to be able to milk it or eat it. If you want goats for pets, give it a test drive and make sure the goats are approachable and touchable before you load them up and take them home.

If you just end up with unfriendly goats for 1 reason or another, don’t give up hope because most can be friendlyized.

Try these sure-fire proven methods.
1.   Approach goats while they are lying down and just sit with them. Talking softly is good and patting them in a non-sensitive place like the shoulder or rump (never the ears, snout or tail).
2.   Don’t chase or corner your goat in an attempt to catch it and pet it.
3.   Find out what your goat’s favorite treat is by trying a variety of things. Raisins, apple pieces, molasis soaked feed and corn chips are each potentially great treats for your goat.
4.   Sit down, don’t stand, and hod your hand out with your goat’s favorite.

It takes patience and time to instill enough trust in a flighty goat to approach you and allow you to pet it. To win the goat over will take care and love. Like dogs, goats are able to sense your intentions. Unlike dogs, goats will not bite!

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  1. We gave our kids milk from bottles when there mother died on the day of birth (we gave them COLESTRUM a friend gave us).
    Triplets 2 girls and a boy !!! They are VERY friendly because they know us and love us. Sweet cute and GREAT goats !!! they lived in our Jazcuzzi out room with the AC on for around 3 months !!!
    A great experience !!!
    Northern Israel

  2. Any suggestions for flighty kids? Both my does r very friendly but I have a doe kid that won't let me touch her! I was there when she was born , spent time with her and mom just quietly sitting in the barn with them so I don't understand why this girl is so skittish .