Friday, June 7, 2013

Goats Get Lonely

Your Goat Needs a Companion

Goats are herd animals and must not be raised alone. Goats are miserable living alone and will let you know they are miserable by crying 24 hours/day. I will not sell 1 of my goats to someone unless they buy 2 or can show me that they have others at home.

If you have a doe, the very best friend would be a wether (neutered male), another doe is OK but often they do not get along, especially if they are raising kids. If you are raising a milk goat you will not want to keep a buck in the same pen, an adjoining pen works OK. You really should have another goat as a companion but other animals will do when you get in a pinch. I was in a pinch and put 2 does in to graze with the ponies and horse at the Red Fence Farm. They got along wonderfully, it seemed the horses would just kinda back up to the goats and enjoy themselves and really relax. It was a matter of days that I discovered the goats (probably nutrient deficient) had eaten half of the tail off of my daughters show horse. I was not too popular for a while.

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