Sunday, June 16, 2013

Goat Grooming

A Good Brushing Feels Good!
If you are a hobby farmer or you're just raising a couple of goats for pets, it is not absolutely necessary to brush your goat on a regular basis but don't stop reading here, there are some other reasons you may want to pay special attention and give that goat a good brushing once in a while.

1. Brushing gives you an opportunity to check your goat closely for any skin cuts, lumps, pests or other skin and coat abnormalities.

2. Brushing removes dirt, dandruff and loose hair. With some goats that have a real build-up, the removal will increase blood flow and improve skin and coat health.

3. Brushing should always be done in the direction of the hair, beginning at the neck. A firm bristle brush should be used.

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