Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Castrate a Goat

How To Use an Elastrator

Using an elastrator & band to castrate your buckling is an easy procedure. Don't put this task off, get it done while the scrotum is still very small, anytime from about 3 days to 3 weeks of age.

I like banding it is the most common method that goat owners use to castrate their goats. It is quick and bloodless. Banding is the procedure of placing a small, thick rubber band to the top of the testicles. The band prevents blood flow.

Easy steps 
1. Restrain the kid.
2. Roll a band onto the prongs of the elastrator.
3. Expand the band by squeezing the elastrator.
4. Place the band over the scrotum and testes.
5. Be sure the band is below the testes.
6. Release the elastrator and pull it from the band.

If you believe the band is not placed correctly,  cut off the band and repeat the procedure. Your soon-to-be wether will experience some displeasure and will probably cry a bit, lay down, roll around and pace. This should all be over in less than an hour. The scrotum and testes dry up and drop off in about two weeks.
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  1. If I may correct, you need to make sure the band is ABOVE the testes, not below :)