Saturday, March 2, 2013

Buck or Wether

From buckling to wether
Wether or Not
Many backyard goat owners make the horrible mistake of allowing their buckling to grow up to be a buck. Often, people do not castrate their buckling because they don't realize what a pain they are raising. The only reason you would want to allowing your buckling to mature to a buck is for breeding purposes. 

The Buck Stops Here
If you do choose to keep your male goat as the buck for your herd you will want to understand some things now.

1.  Bucks require a separate living space.
2. Bucks are much harder to handle.
3. Bucks don't smell, they flat stink. They have scent glands that put out an aroma and then they urinate on themselves during breeding season to make the stink really bad.

Turn your buckling into a wether, castrate him. Wethers can get big, but are the sweetest of all goats, they don't stink, they make great pets and pack animals.

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