Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feeding Baby Goats

Bucket Feeding Goats

Hand bottle feeding individual kids is often not practical if you have several goats to feed. At times, a more efficient method is necessary, especially if you have several does delivering around the same time.

The photo shows a five-gallon system that requires the baby goat to actually suck the milk from the container. A nipple attached through the bucket with a milk line running to the bottom allows each goat to drink until the container is empty.

The lambs are sucking from  one liter re-cycled containers with a nipple attached. The rubber nipples are readily available and easy to clean and reuse. This method is preferred by many because gravity helps the sucking action of the goat and each goat has a separate container.
Photo from Victory Hill Farm

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  1. are the ones in the photo with the 5 white ones (kids?) in a line really goats? (black patches around eyes). They look more like sheep than goats.

  2. efes mi la o şişeler?

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