Saturday, January 5, 2013

Proper Feeding of Goats

Feeding Your Goat

Goats will taste just about anything. Cartoons often depict the goat eating a can, or a cardboard box. Goats are curious and experimental tasters but are quite particular in what they actually consume.

Goat Diet
1. Hay - Goats are ruminants and are able to eat and digest roughage. Hay should be free of dust, mold and weeds. The higher the quality of hay the better. See more on roughage for goats.
2. Concentrates - Grains like oats, bran, and barley. Concentrates should be measured and fed on a routine schedule.
3. Supplements - Purchase a goat-specific supplement in a pellet form, never feed vitamins or minerals meant for other livestock.
4. Treats - Much research has been done on dairy goats and sugar. Milk production has been found to increase after a ration change that included sugar, molasses, sugar cane or sugar beets. Moderate amounts of sugar is healthy for your goat. Making your own goat treats is easy and fun.

Goat Feeding Tips
-Store all feed off the ground to prevent mold, insects or other pests from eating or infesting it. 
-Use removable feeders for concentrates.

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