Wednesday, May 16, 2012

World Use of Goats and Milk

Maybe just a little too friendly with his goat?
How Popular Are goats?
Goats are among the earliest animals domesticated by humans,some say about 10,000 years ago, older than my mother-in-law. Neolithic farmers began to herd wild goats for easy access to milk and meat, primarily, as well as for their dung. Yea, that's right, they collect the dung to use as fuel. I'll not complain about gas prices anymore.
Go where the food is.
Today there are about 500 million goats in the world, give or take a dozen or so. The United States weighs in at a tiny 3 million of the critters, China has 170 million. Much of the worldwide goat population is in the developing world. The largest importer of goats is the U.S. and the biggest exporter of goats is Australia.  
 Goat Milk Drinkers of the World
Worldwide, more people drink goat milk than any other type of milk. (Yes, this includes cows).  It is estimated that 72% of the world's milk consumption is from goats. The taste of goat's milk is nearly close to cow's milk for most people. I actually prefer the milk from my grain fed Nigerian Dwarf Goats over any milk, cow or goat. Those that claim they can detect a difference are usually correct. Does kept close to their male friend will produce a milk that has a distinct flavor, not very pleasant. Goat milk is fairly similar in nutrients to cow's milk and can replace it in virtually any recipe. However, goat milk is "naturally" homogenized. The fat molecules are five times smaller than in cow's milk which makes it much easier for humans to digest. It is also claimed that some individuals with allergies to cows milk can drink goat milk without problems. 



  1. That was interesting. I have noticed a prevalence of people says that keeping the male in near proximity to the does will make the milk taste different. I have found that really isn't so. I think this has been promoted so much that it has become fact when the reality is it really isn't so if the doe is healthy. As long as the does have the proper minerals and are not sick, the buck makes no difference. JMHO

  2. You are most likely correct. It's just that my goats (boys) smell so bad they get blamed for everything.

  3. Oh and they do stink don't they! Phewy! LOL
    Goat milk from Nigerians are the best! I sure miss my goats...