Sunday, May 13, 2012

Preventing Mastitis

Preventing and Managing Mastitis
clean, healthy udder
Mastitis, the inflammation of the udder, is one of the most common diseases of milk goats. It has been reported that about 30% of all does have or will experience some form of mastitis. Almost all mastitis is caused by bacteria that enter through the teat end and infect the milk secreting tissue in the udder. 
sanitary living area

How Can You Prevent It?
Keeping the udder clean and sanitary at all times is the best prevention program. Having sanitary living conditions for your goat and keeping it clean of manure is a must. Cleaning the udder and teats at milking time is necessary for clean milk and good udder sanitation.   Each half of the udder is completely separated by tissue, therefore each half can become independently infected with bacteria.

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