Friday, April 6, 2012

How Do You Like the Henry Milker ?
Last month, we gave away a couple of Henry Milkers just for the heck of it. Now we're starting a contest for FREE gift certificates in the Henry Milker Store worth $100, $50 and $25. It's as good as cash, you can use it toward Henry Milkers for your friends, Scratch n All pads or other of our 35 goat care products in our store.
Collector item Coffee Cup

How Do I Win?  

Entering is simple, just email us your 2-3 sentence positive comment about the Henry Milker or leave a comment in the comment section of this blog below. You can participate and win even if you do not own a Henry Milker yet. Just tell us what you think or what you have heard about this easy-to-use goat milking machine.

If you want to double your chances, add a comment on your Facebook page about the Henry Milker. Let us know!