Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bottle Feeding Goats #2

Hand Raising Goats

One of the most enjoyable parts of raising goats is to hold a newborn baby in your arms and bottle feeding. It gets a little old after about 6 weeks of having to feed 3 times every day . To give yourself some relief and the goat a little independence a substitute for hand feeding is desirable. There are many commercial products out there to assist you in getting this done but I prefer the "old sock" method
How to do it a little cost? 
1. I have a draw filled with good socks that have lost it's partner (free).
2. Cut the sock just above the heal.
3. Cut a hole in the toe end of the sock, big enough for the bottle nipple.
Mounting the Sock Bottle Holder 
Find a place that your goat can easily get to. I choose to mount my bottle holder on the side of the ferret cage and used a plastic spring loaded clamp to hold the sock and bottle to the ferret cage. As a side note, the ferrets, from the security of their cage, love watching the baby eat.

Learning to Use the New Set-Up
 It took a couple of practices to get this baby to use this new method of feeding. I actual had to hold the baby, get him started sucking, then put him back down on the floor to continue. After a few days he was able to do everything on his own.

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