Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bottle Feeding and Weaning Goats

A large syringe works great with newborns
In the late stages of pregnancy and for the first few days after birth the doe produces a yellowish-thick milk called colostrum. It's rich in protein, and nutrients. It also contains essential antibodies. It is best to allow the babies to nurse from the mom for the first 48 hours to get this "liquid gold" but if unavailable from the doe, colostrum may be purchased in a paste form.

When To Wean Goats
Commercial dairy goat operations wean baby goats soon after birth. The reason for doing this is simple; take as much milk from the mom as possibly, as soon as possible and sell the milk for money. The American way! Many years of good results from this commercial practice has led many small-time goat farmers to do the same; wean goats at an early age to get back to harvesting milk.
                                                        Feeding From a Bottle

It is an approved practice to freeze goat milk throughout the year and use it later to bottle feed young as you remove them from the mother. Weaning the baby from the mother at an early age and bottle feeding is thought to produce goats that are much more people-friendly. There are many commercial goat milk formulas that work well also. Holding the baby goat in a secure (snuggly) position while feeding makes for a happy feeding session.

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  1. Not sure who looks more content in this picture... :-)

    Ahh the joys of baby goats! "Almost" as joyful as real grand-kids!

    Stay warm up there Mike... winter's over here but I'm sure you still have a month or so to go!

    God Bless!

  2. We have two saanen nubian cross kid goats. They were taken from the mother at about 4 days old. They are now 6 and 8 weeks old. My question is when to start weaning them and how much milk is to much milk? They are drinking about a quart per feeding twice a day. They eat quite a bit of hay and grain pulse forage all day long. They are in the house at night but we put them out during the day. (Spoiled goats)' thank you for your time ~jamie

  3. You can wean the kids at 8 weeks, no more milk is all you have to do. On the other hand, if you do not mind letting them nurse, they can continue as long as the doe allows it. Many people let the kids have milk once/day and milk the goat once/day. Nursing in the evening, separate the doe overnight, then milk in the morning.(of course using the Henry Milker.

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