Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goat Training and Tricks

Teach Your Goat a Lesson
It's Fun and Very Useful
There are many reasons for you to teach your goat a trick or 2 and to lay the foundation for a simple method of communications between you and your goat. It is not too difficult to teach your goat to come to the milk stand and return to their pen. 
Other Tricks
With some persistence, understanding and a bunch of goat treats, it's possible to teach your goat almost anything. To dance, jump through a hoop or walk a tight rope with a monkey on it's back. 

Basic Rules
1. Start with young goats.
2. Old goats can also learn.
3. Be consistent.
4. Be firm never angry.
5. Use plenty of treats.

For specific instruction and  the best guidance around about training goats, I invite you to visit our friends at Working Goats. Their methods and philosophy of training are kind, loving and with great joy. Please visit their website.

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