Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Early Can I Breed My Doeling ?

Normally, goats can be bred at 8 months.
1. Goats are sexually active and fertile at a very young age.
2. Some say they become active as early as 8 weeks.
3. Unless breeding is desired, goats at 8 weeks old and older should not be kept together.
4. Item 3 above includes sister and brothers, mom and son!
Some other information you may need:
1. Does have a fertility cycle of between 18 and 21 days
2. Goats have a gestation period of 150 days. 
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  1. Hey Mike! I had a Pygmy doe that was bred by her brother before she was 3 months old. Didn't happen here... I bought the doe & her kids & removed "bro" immediately. I was extremely surprised when about 4 months later, Gracie was born...

    I think only Pygymys & Nigerians breed year round. Most other breeds come into heat only seasonally but I could be wrong!