Sunday, November 27, 2011

Delivery of Baby Goats

What do I do? My doe is expecting!
There is nothing more exciting than the birthing of baby goats.You don't have to wait for them to learn to walk or to open their eyes like other babies, they are instant pets.
Three Weeks Before Delivery
We always treat our expectant does to 3 weeks in an individual stall with lots of clean straw and a nice place to relax.
The Day of Delivery
It's simple and fun. Be there if you can but remember goats have been doing this for a long time without us humans. On occasion, the mom might need you. Sometimes a baby might need you.
1. Some old but clean towels (great for folding babies)
2. Paper towels and warm water (always lots to clean)
3. Have a camera handy.
After It's Over 
Babies should not be around anyone else but mom (and you, your OK). No dad, aunt, cousin or friend. The baby goat(s) should have complete access to their mom and mom's food. The kids will soon take to the roughage and concentrate you feed to the doe. 
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  1. To this day, this is the question that I get the most asked! New human "moms" are so nervous & worried about when their doe is going to deliver.. seems like they can watch her for days & when you leave her for a quick potty break, boom! There's the cute little kid!

    Only one thing more adorable than a baby goat.. your grand-kids!

    Take care & God bless you & your family!