Sunday, November 27, 2011

Delivery of Baby Goats

What do I do? My doe is expecting!
There is nothing more exciting than the birthing of baby goats.You don't have to wait for them to learn to walk or to open their eyes like other babies, they are instant pets.
Three Weeks Before Delivery
We always treat our expectant does to 3 weeks in an individual stall with lots of clean straw and a nice place to relax.
The Day of Delivery
It's simple and fun. Be there if you can but remember goats have been doing this for a long time without us humans. On occasion, the mom might need you. Sometimes a baby might need you.
1. Some old but clean towels (great for folding babies)
2. Paper towels and warm water (always lots to clean)
3. Have a camera handy.
After It's Over 
Babies should not be around anyone else but mom (and you, your OK). No dad, aunt, cousin or friend. The baby goat(s) should have complete access to their mom and mom's food. The kids will soon take to the roughage and concentrate you feed to the doe. 
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How Early Can I Breed My Doeling ?

Normally, goats can be bred at 8 months.
1. Goats are sexually active and fertile at a very young age.
2. Some say they become active as early as 8 weeks.
3. Unless breeding is desired, goats at 8 weeks old and older should not be kept together.
4. Item 3 above includes sister and brothers, mom and son!
Some other information you may need:
1. Does have a fertility cycle of between 18 and 21 days
2. Goats have a gestation period of 150 days. 
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Delivery of Baby Goats 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goats Need To Climb

Welcoming Committee
When you visit the Red Fence Farm in Palmer, Alaska you need to abide by the signs. When the sign reads "No Parking Here" it usually means you probably ought not park in that spot. 

 Bedding Down For The Evening
Our goats roam free on the farm during the summer and love nothing more than to climb on your nice car. With properly trimmed hooves, they usually do not leave deep scratches in your paint job.

How Often To Milk My Goat?

Cy milks a Nigerian Dwarf
Goats should be milked twice each day. Milking every 12 hours insures the greatest production of milk and is best for your goat's udder health. Many backyard goat owners cannot commit to milking every 12 hours or are not interested in a large quantity of milk so they allow the kid(s) to continue to nurse part-time and only milking once each day.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Henry Milker Pumps

Some folks get excited about money, fast cars or  a big fancy house. Not me, I get excited about a new shipment of pumps fresh off the plane at FedEx in Anchorage . It's a custom pump designed especially for the Henry Milker. One thousand pumps arrived. A fork lift loaded this crate onto my truck......very smart. Since I do not personally own a fork lift the pumps were unloaded 1 at a time once I got home.......not very smart.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goats in the House

Why Must They Visit?
Our goats have the best livestock barn and milking parlor that money can buy. They enjoy a pasture that is second to none and a play area that is the best a goat has ever known. We are fortunate enough to have 5 acres for our animals to roam with an option to visit my neighbor's 5 acres. Our goats say they need more, they would like to come inside the human home, visit my daughter and help her text her friends?