Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Henry Milker Give Away

Happy Birthday Henry Milker BLOG
It has been 1 year to the date since I wrote the very first "Welcome to the Henry Milker Blog" post. Thank you to all of my readers. You have logged into the Henry Milker Blog and accumulated 15,897 page views in the first year. That's not bad for an Ol' farmer who can barely spell barley.

Free Henry Milker
I'm so excited about making it to the "paper anniversary" that I want to give something away. I don't have much so I'll just give away a Henry Milker. It will include the 1 year warranty and free shipping (even to my international friends).

How To Enter
It's simple. Just add a comment at the end of this posting.
1. You may enter only once.
2. Leave your e-mail in case you win.
3. Everyone in your family can enter once.
4. Your neighbors, friends, co-workers can enter once.

How do you Win

On Halloween night, at midnight, I'll put all of the entries into an empty mayonnaise jar and walk across the field to Bubba's house and ask him to draw the winner. I'll post the winner here and email the lucky person right away.

And the winner is..........What fun, we had 26 entries and lots of great comments. As soon as I can get a reply and a shipping address from anonymous below I'll pay-up and send a Henry Milker. Maybe anonymous will give a name and take a photo of the new Henry Milker in action.
Anonymous said...Congulations on 1 year blogging! Great Contest giveway a Henry Milker. On Our family farm with goats, pigs, donkeys, horses, and cows many times we could have used a Henry Milker! Always bottle feeding as needed, WOW! a Henry Milker would save me time and money. No more over priced powdered milk replacers!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keeping Goats in the City

Raising Dairy Goats In The City

Do you have what it takes to raise dairy goats in your backyard? I bet that you do and I would like to get you started on raising your own healthy goats and producing all of the goat milk and cheese right in the city.

Check to see if goats are OK. Many major metropolitan areas have recently passed new city laws to allow for the raising of goats. Just call your city office and ask.

Enough space in your backyard? You will need a fenced area that is about 20 by 20 feet. This area will need to include a dry place for your goat(s) to eat and sleep. An area in the pen that is protected from rain and snow for feed will be also necessary.

For more information on raising goats:
Selecting the Breed
Feeding Hay
Goat Barn
Goat Care
Life Span
Milking Stand
Trimming Hooves

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buying a Dairy Goat - Part 1

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Dairy Goat

Considerations for you to ponder before becoming a dairy goat owner.
  1. What is the life span of the goat you are about to purchase.
  2. Who will milk your goat when you're gone for a weekend?
  3. What breed or size of goat should I purchase?
  4. What type of goat enclosure will be required?
  5. What plan do you have for feeding schedules & feeders?
  6. Do you have access to quality roughage - hay?
  7. What can you provide for a shelter from the elements?
  8. Do you have a milking stand?
  9. What will you use for a fresh water supply?
  10. What equipment will you use to milk your goat?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Heated Water Bucket - How to Build

Beat The Freeze In Your Bucket

I could have done what I do every Fall and go to the feed store to buy heated buckets and all sorts of commercial heating devices "ready made". After spending several hundred dollars in the past years for anti-ice, frost free, sinking, floating and a whole variety of other commercial devices for keeping water a liquid and not a solid for our 5 horses, 8 goats and 23 chickens I just had to try to build my own heated water buckets. 
Most of my readers know that I often try to save a dollar when I get a chance. After searching a bit I found a very inexpensive heating element used to warm an auto engine block, a "plug-in freeze plug heater". It looked to be just right for our Alaskan winters, many sub zero days. I already had the buckets,I just needed to add the heat. A tight fit hole-cut in the bottom of the bucket, a water tight seal and I was well on my way to warm water for my animals all winter long. There are some cautions in building your own.The first is, do not plug this thing in with no water in the bucket, it will melt right through. The second is, you will need to plug this device into a time clock or thermostat or it will actually boil the water. I put 4 water buckets on 1 electrical system and plugged it all into a timer to save energy and to keep the water temperature at the optimum.

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