Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping Goats For Pets

Just Get One
If you are considering a goat as a pet, you have a friend in me. Don't just dream of it, don't over plan, please don't over think it, just go get one or better, get two goats. Much is written about the milk production of goats or their ability to keep your backyard free of brush. Little is said about the absolute joy of raising goats for fun. I do enjoy the milk, cheese, butter and soaps I get from my goats and I love the fact that they keep my backyard mowed for me but I must admit that I most like just having them around.We have a little farm in Palmer, Alaska. When we have visitors, the goats become the instant magnet. There are chickens, horses, ponies, bunnies and cute little puppies but the goats are always the number one attraction. I cannot remember going to a petting zoo without seeing at least a couple of goats. People love goats. There are many breeds of goats to select from but my personal favorite is the Nigerian Dwarf as a pet. They are curious and their friendly nature make them wonderful companions. Goats are herd animals so I really could not recommend having only one lonely animal; a pair of goats is always a better idea. Their care is not complicated; fresh water, some roughage (usually hay or grazing in your backyard) and some sort of grain (I use cracked corn mixed with rolled barley). If you are interested in more information please visit these Henry Milker blog posts:
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  1. Hah. And it is convenient. Albeit unusual. Now the world is just going crazy. Many give birth to such animals just for fun. For example, a hand pig. Incredible. After all, goats are the best.