Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goats Grazing

Goats have a long standing reputation of being able to eat things that most animals will not touch. This makes goats one of the very best natural weed trimmers and bush whackers around. Goats are often referred to as "little cows" that eat what cows will not. Goats will walk through succulent green grass and go eat the weeds. Goats raised for meat are much better suited for grazing and clearing land than are the dairy breeds.


  1. I think your Blog is very informative I wish we had access to one when I first bought my goats. I've ordered a Henry Milker as it is the easiest device I've found so far and it dosen't cost the earth. Thank you Susanne Foster,

  2. I endorse all what my wife has said, but what she didnt say was that our goats will only let her milk them, me they will kick and jump around. Im hoping that I will be able to help her with this hand milker. Keep up the good work.
    Yours Ray Foster