Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living in Alaska

The Real Alaska
Tom Gray cleaning salmon with his Ulu
On a daily basis, I have the rare opportunity to visit with people from all over the world. Henry Milker customers call, text, email and facebook with lots of questions. The first question is seldom about the Henry Milker or about goats. Neither is the first question about Sarah Palin, even though they always get around to asking about her; if I know her, if I can see her house from my kitchen window. The first question people ask about is living in Alaska. There is a worldwide curiosity about the 49th State and folks want any information they can get about this place. 
BeeJay Gray cooking up a storm
My family has lived in Alaska for 15 years and spent the very first 2 years in White Mountain, Alaska. We had the opportunity of a lifetime in White Mountain. Fishing, hunting bear, wolves and ducks/geese. Catching crab and netting for white fish were activities we were able to experience. Gathering caribou and moose was a part of the subsistence lifestyle shared with us. Our most fond memories were of helping with the reindeer herd, picnics with everyone in the village, birthday parties, lots of coffee, all of the kids and being a part of the educational system. We were made welcome from the moment we stepped foot off the plane. Dan took me fishing the first day I arrived.
Too many people to mention, the Simons, Lincolns, Ashenfelters , Harrelsons and the Grays were some of the families who took us in and made our stay so fun. If you want to see the Real Alaska, go to White Mountain, a short 60 miles east of Nome. Our great friends, actually more like family, Tom and BeeJay Gray have a family business, Alaskan Northwest Adventures, that will cater to your personal needs. Photography, site seeing, hunting, fishing and the guaranteed best time of your life. Go see the Real Alaska.

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  1. I grew up in Alaska... sometimes I wish very much to be back there. However, I don't know that I would enjoy it now after living in the lower 48 for 31 years. It sure does have a pull though...