Sunday, July 10, 2011

How To Milk A Goat

Goat Milking Made Easy

Cy Henry milking his first goat
Goats have been milked by hand for centuries. There is really not much to it after you get the hang of it. Milking by hand does have it's drawbacks, hoof in the bucket, spilled milk and then the straining and filtering of the milk from the milk bucket to holding container and from there to the storage container for refrigeration. 

Easy Enough For A Kid To Use
I milked by hand for many years but as my age progressed, my hands started hurting too much to enjoy milking my goats. After searching the internet for a practical solution to my aches and pains, I set out to build my own milking machine from common materials found around my farm and in my shop. I had lots of quart canning jars, found an old used hand operated vacuum pump and some clear tubing. It took many attempts and lots of experimenting on my goat, Millie, but finally developed something that would actually milk my Millie as fast as I could hand milk and without the pain to my hands.
A home made carry box makes it really easy for a kid to use.
Cleanup is now a snap. No hooves in the bucket, no milk spilled, and the same quart jar that collected the milk gets a wide mouth canning lid and goes directly into the frig. After many design improvements the Henry Milker has been sold in each of the 50 States and in over 50 countries. It's easy enough for a kid to use and I still milk 4 goats twice each day. It was a real honor to be featured in the Dairy Goat Journal this past year. However you choose to milk your goat, happy milking to you! kids milking goats teach a kid to milk kids learn to milk goats

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