Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Does Goat Milk Taste

Guest Author - AK Ben
Is Goat Milk Better Than Cow Milk?
I had the opportunity to visit the Henrys' Red Fence Farm in Palmer, Alaska. I've heard so much about Phoebe and Lindsay and their horses, and Mike about his goats that I had to make the trip and see it all for myself. I'm on vacation from another country. I am not a farm boy and wanted to know as much as possible about the 5 acre operation at the little farm and most importantly, I wanted to discover how the fresh milk tastes directly from the goat. It is a common misconception that goat milk tastes bad. People believe that it tastes "like a old billy-goat." To my very pleasant surprise, this is not true. If goats are properly fed and the milk is handled and stored well, there will not be an off-taste. Mike says, "milking into a closed system, like with the Henry Milker, prevents the milk from becoming tainted with all sorts of outside elements and debri during the milking process." When folks first taste fresh, clean goat milk they are expecting it to taste different, but to their surprise it tastes just like cow milk, only better.I recommend it! AK Ben

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  1. I couldn't agree with Ben more!

  2. I happen to love the taste of goats milk. I think it helps when you have dairy goat farmers who know how to capture the goats milk in a way that is sanitary. Goats Milk is healthier overall than cows milk and better for your gut.