Monday, April 11, 2011

I Got An Itch I just Gotta Satisfy!

Animals That Have An Itch......... Must Scratch
My family is always accused of spoiling our animals. How can you spoil a horse or a goat? Can you really give preferred treatment to farm animals outside of what is considered "normal"? I say "yes" and we do it on the Red Fence Farm in Palmer, Alaska. We scrub feeders to make sure they are always clean, drain and refill animal water troughs to insure fresh water and are daily taking care of the abundance of waste produced by 11 goats, 7 horses, 5 dogs, 4 cats and 2 little furry duds that look like big squirrels. We have now decided to give the ultimate to all of our animals; a customized, well placed area for each to scratch. We are installing the Scratch-n-All to help our animals scratch where they need it most. 
Take the common itch. Everyone knows from experience that a good scratch can cure an itch, but the medical community still does not understand the physiological mechanism behind the itch-scratch connection. In nature, scratching helps animals get rid of itching and from parasites, plant material, and other unwanted baggage. We raise goats, horses and dogs......they all have this unbelievable desire to scratch. You have a choice; give them something to scratch on or they will find a gate, structural upright, fence railing, or in the case of my giant Alpine buck, the outside barn gutter system. Order one today!


  1. This confirms it... you are the Crazy Goat Man! I love how YOU love your critters!

    God Bless!


  2. My husband needs one of those!