Saturday, January 22, 2011

So You Want to Learn to Ride?

Jenny Rousey-Dick
Learning to ride a horse is easy ....... as long as you have a lifetime to learn. The Henry's walked into the Sindorf Equestrian Center door about 4 years ago to get a couple of riding lessons for daughter, Phoebe. A couple of lessons were all that were needed since Phoebe, 9 at the time, had been on a horse since she was 2 years old. Well, that was a mistake....not going to Sindorf but thinking she just needed a couple of lessons. 
Jenny Rousey-Dick is Phoebe's Trainer and delivers instruction to her students as a master teacher would captivate you in your favorite class. Jenny is tough but soft when needed. She is demanding but yielding as necessary.  
Jenny is teaching while Fame is sticking his tongue out.
Phoebe continues her 
dedication to riding and her twice weekly sessions with Jenny. This is another excellent example of the idea that "good things happen to good people". Jenny happened to the Henry Family.

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  1. Mid 80's we sent our daughter (who was about 9 at the time)to a riding school once a week for the summer. It's amazing what she learned in those few lessons. Besides learning the basics to English riding, she also improved her poise & balance. Money well spent!

    You're also spot on with "good things happen to good people!"

    Stay warm my friend!