Thursday, December 30, 2010

How To Build a Goat Milking Stand

You can't really enjoy milking your goat without a milking stand. I know, for hundreds and thousands of years, man and woman milked goats without a stand but you can bet they were coaxing the goat up on a rock bluff or on a mound to get as close to those teats as possible in a comfortable way. Your milk stand does not have to be fancy, it simply needs to get the job done. The stand on the left has a platform made from a used bench seat purchased at a yard sale for $5. The platform on the right is made from home cut lumber made from timber right on the farm. More important is the top portion of the milk bench, the part that locks
the goat's head in while leaving plenty of room for the neck to move comfortably. One of the upright slats is stationary while the other is hinged at the bottom to allow for an open and closed position. Without question,
the most critical component of your milking bench is the feed tray. After just a few visits to the stand, your goat will jump right up and position herself for milking if you always provide her favorite grain in the feed tray. Click here for detailed plans to build your own.

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