Friday, December 3, 2010

How Many Horses Does One Family Need?

Lindsay with Al Ahmar
Equestrian Quiz
1. How many horses does one family need?
    A. One (if you are really smart)
    B. Two (if you have little sense)
    C. Three (if you are really crazy)
    D. Six (if you your last name is Henry)

We Have Six Again, 
Horses That Is ! 

Al Ahmar  is the newest addition to the Henry family. We have been watching this beautiful 9 year old for some time and jumped when we had the opportunity to bring him on as the newest part of our menagerie. Al Ahmar has been cared for and nurtured by Karol Kolehmainen and her family (you can get no better care as a horse.) We  are simply and absolutely addicted to spending time with our 7 goats, 6 horses, 5 dogs, 4 cats, 3 ferrets, 2 cocktails and 1 duck. You no longer have to wonder about the whereabouts of the meager profits from the sale of the Henry Milker.


  1. How wonderful. From one great family to another!

  2. only two cocktails huh? I would have guessed more :) Congratulations and as spokesperson for the Kolehmainen Family I can assure you that were are all very very pleased that he is now a member of your family!! You will all do so wonderful together and learn so much from each other. Im excited to see what the future holds in the dressage and hunter/jumper world for you all!!

  3. Haha, sounds like a full house, perhaps you should consider creating a reality show depicting life on the farm.

  4. Like potato chips....can't just have one!

  5. Well, I just am so excited. What a beautiful Horse. I just love Al Ahmar. I'm not a horse person so you'll have to excuse the fact that I don't know the breed...please let me know. The Kolehmainens must really miss him, but I know he is getting the spoiled treatment with you guys. Send pics.

  6. kpants is your sister Kris by the way.