Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Henry Milker in Mundubbera, Queensland

Goats being milked with the Henry Milker in Queensland

 Glenys and Mel of  Cartref Goat Industries in Mundubbera, Queensland are using the Henry Milker on some pretty large goats and they love it. I was excited to get the Henry milker working on a goat farm about 10,527 kilometers (6,542 miles) from the Henry Milker factory in Palmer, Alaska but I was most happy about finding new friends in such a beautiful part of the world. Please visit their website and look at their GREAT goats.
With just a little research I found that Mundubbera is an aboriginal name for 'Meeting of the Waters' and is recognized as the citrus capital of Queensland.  Mundubbera also has a unique industry, an insectary! 'Bugs for Bugs' produce beneficial predatory bugs for crops and agriculture cutting down the need for chemical sprays.


  1. That's awesome Henry! You have to get this on the HSN next!


  2. Thanks Mike,
    This is awesome, just found it tonight. We have had orders and enquiries for The Henry Milker. We will be doing demonstrations very soon, when the goat show season begins again. The Henry Milker is so helpful.
    Nice work!
    Glenys, Mel & Sam