Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual Goat Dropping Contest

How High Can You Go?
This is one of the action photos from the annual Goat Dropping Contest in Podunk. The object of the contest is to drop your goat, preferably a dwarf or otherwise lightweight goat, from a height minus the altitude of the catcher. The higher the catcher climbs the greater the "bonus points". This photo, showing the Darrel and Darrel team was not the winning team. Darrel the goat, was dropped from a record winning height but the catcher, Darrel, was unable to catch his goat Darrel. The final score for this team for the tournament was a zero. Both Darrels have retired and returned to life on the farm. (no animal, catcher guy or crane operator were harmed in this hypothetical contest)


  1. Exactly how do you tell the difference between a retired and a non-retired goat?

  2. With this particular goat, one way to tell if it/he/she is retired might be its inability to function after being dropped with no one to catch it/him/her. Many human retirees tend to have the same problem.

  3. I was at the contest this year and it wasn't a fair judgement, they had to pick Darrell up with the crane. I climbed up 27 feet and was told that my goat was to big after I got up there.