Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goat Feeding Schedule and Good Health

What are you feeding and how much?

Phoebe at her Feeding Station
Establishing a structured feeding schedule is imperative to your animals' health. By creating a diet specifically tailored to each animal you can easily determine their health and wellness as well as the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your feed. Additionally, having a documented plan for each animal makes it easier to take that 24 hour vacation every 10 years from your farm!

In our case, we went years just “eyeballing” feed. Our animals stayed healthy but have never been healthier since we took the time to write out each diet and keep records of the changes. We now have more knowledge than ever about the various types of feed available. There are so many choices and becoming aware of what kinds of fillers, additives and mixtures of all helps determine what to feed. Also, if what your animals are eating is not helping to maintain a shiny coat,  you become immediately informed that a supplement is needed. 

Because of our measured methods, we can also do an accurate estimate of how much feed we need to buy each week, month and year. Just ask Phoebe, she has it charted out.

We have set up a feed station and keep our feed organized in bins and tubs. We label everything so as not to confuse the alfalfa pellets with the hay pellets. Those hay pellets have way too much sugar for some of our older equine! We also have measuring cups in each container to make it as convenient as possible when feeding on a busy schedule. We weigh the hay we give and even prepare breakfast the night before so no work clothes are mussed in the morning routine! Our animals are creatures of habit and routine. Make a consistent and dependable feed schedule part of each day.

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