Monday, November 29, 2010

Eagle Visits Red Fence Farm

Do Eagles Eat Goats?
We had a visitor to the Red Fence Farm this beautiful clear day in Palmer, Alaska. I'm not sure if this eagle was resting or trying to get an easy meal at our farm, maybe one of our many animals. The bald eagle  is a member of the sea and fish eagle group. Even though they are fish eaters, they will take ducks and birds or whatever prey is available and easiest to obtain. prey includes rabbits, hares, raccoons, muskrats, beavers, and deer fawns. That includes chickens, goats and all sorts of baby animals.  Bald Eagles have powerful talons and have been recorded flying with a 15-pound Mule Deer fawn. There are reports of small dogs being snatched from the ground and flown away. Not sure that I believe that or not. I do know that I needed to get rid of this predator in hurry. See how we did it. Enjoy this short slide show, we took all of the photos.


  1. You already have one great invention and now you are branching out into Eagle eradication! Thanks for a good laugh. Keep warm...

  2. We have a bald eagle on our property this winter looking at fuzzy-four-legged-appetizers called Gracie and Sophie. Don't think it can lift a goat off the ground, but not so sure about my little girls!

  3. Eagle eying the chickens here, but the rooster can be pretty threatening too! Decided not to mess with him!