Sunday, November 7, 2010

Does You Goat Have Bad Breath?

I thought I heard my goat burp, then he did it again.

When hay is eaten by your goat, it is chewed up, soaked with saliva, and then swallowed.  After proper chewing and moistening, “the cud” goes down into the first stomach, called the rumen. At this stage the cud is attacked chemically and further digested by micro-organisms.
 At regular intervals the cud is brought back up to the goat’s mouth to be chewed on some more and then swallowed again.  This entire process is called rumination.  If you watch your goat’s neck carefully, you can see it swallow and later regurgitate its cud.  That's when a goat will burp to get rid of the gas produced by all the fermentation going on in its rumen.  If you get close enough, you can really smell the fermentation process on his breath. Burping is good, if a goat is unable to burp up the gases they may become very sick with “bloat”.


  1. Wow! That poor guy... although I must say he looks like he's enjoying the fermentation breath; either that, or he's grimmacing in "udder" horror.

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