Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alaskan Short Days - Give Me More Sun

  Darn it's Dark!
Can you live with only about 5 hours of daylight each day? In Alaska, where my family and all of our four legged animals live, we have about 19 hours of darkness each Winter day and 5 hours of what us Alaskans call daylight. It's not really sunshine, it's more like someone turned on a filtered light for a few hours just to tease us. I love Alaska but everyone here has to make adjustments. I'm a farmer, I need light, so I create light, every way I can. Cheap Christmas lights that I buy at the end of the holidays on December 26. Walmart deals on winter close-outs, patio lights and anything I can get that is low power, high lite. Please come visit the Henry's at the Red Fence Farm, during the winter it looks a lot like the Alaskan  version of Las Vegas.



  1. Mike, this made my laugh this morning! I think I want to do this just to look nice & christmasy!

  2. The star that lead the Shepards to Jesus, it will be the Christmas lights that lead us to the Red Fence Farm of The Mike Henry's! Pretty Awesome! How about a Christmas show for us! Can those Goats do tricks??? Melinda