Friday, October 22, 2010

Urban Dairy Goats - Back to Basics

Misty and Minerva from the Henry Milker Farm

    The joys of raising goats are equaled only by the time, money and energy required to properly care for these wonderful animals. I currently have 7 goats and can't seem to stop. As time consuming as it is, I believe it to be great for everyone; owners and neighbors. Often, when my neighbors have friends or family over, they bring them to visit the Henry Milker Farm in Palmer, Alaska. They love to see and pet all of the animals. The baby goats are always the hit of the show and of course milking is very popular, especially if they get to milk a goat with the Henry Milker.

   It is so refreshing to see America, especially Urban America getting back to the basics, self reliance and good old fashion fun. You do not have to have a big place to raise goats. Novella Carpenter, an Oakland-based urban farmer (GhostTown Farm), owner/worker at BioFuel Oasis, and author of Farm City: The Education of An Urban Farmer teaches like she writes.  Novella has written a book with down-to-earth ideas on how you can turn small spaces into productive areas. It's really worth reading!

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