Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goat Feeders - Start Having FUN - No Hassel

Feeding your goats should be fun. 
Just like milking, if it's not fun you need to find a different way. 
These are very inexpensive BUCKETS I purchased at Home Depot, much less expensive than "feeders".
I love to jump right into the pen and mix it up with my goats, especially now when the boys don't smell so stinking bad. MoJo our big, really big buck, has finally had his fun and doesn't smell like 20 skunks and settled down for the season with his wife Millie.

I have been trampled, pushed, shoved and kicked, just trying to be a nice guy, you know; feeding the goats. Do NOT  enter their pen, or barn or shed with a bucket full of sweet feed or cracked corn or rolled barley. You will probably be knocked down. Maybe it's just my goats, they are not polite, they do not wait their turn in line and they always take cuts. Feeding should be fun.

I have 7 goats and needed to have an efficient and fun way to feed each morning and night. I found it,  I love feeding again. It's not new or revolutionary; goat owners have been doing it since a goat stuck it's head through the slats of the barn divider where baby Jesus lie in his manager. Feed the goats by making them stick their head to the outside of their pen while their body stays inside the pen.

Eating without wasting, the cracked corn on the floor is what I put for the little chicken.

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  1. Do you have a plan for this? Sounds interesting