Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fencing for your Goats

I really don't like my goats letting themselves out and touring my farm without my supervision. For those of you who have experience with raising these Houdini-like animals, understand that when they do get out they usually don't go find a shade tree to lay under and take a nap. They are magnetically drawn to your most exotic flowers or the little tree you have been nursing along from a seedling to a sapling. The last time my little buck escaped his pen, he found my wife's 2010 Ford F-250. He was sure that this fairly expensive vehicle was Ford "tough" and needed to be tested for toughness. I found him on the cab roof. He was easy to find, I tracked him from the hood to the fender, cab, bed and back to the cab roof.

Cody Henry finishing the last panel.
I have used many fencing materials but have settled on what I believe is the best, chain link panels. These are most often used for dog runs and can be fairly expensive when purchased new. I happen to think they are certainly worth the "purchased new" price but have never bought new. I keep an eye on Craigslist and find that if I am diligent and watch for these items daily, I can usually find a very good price. The last 4 panels I purchased included a gate and the total price was less than $100.

The chain link fencing panels are durable, sturdy, goat proof and are easily moved to configure new pens. I like for my goats to stay where I put 'em so I use chain link panels.

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